Africa’s Preferred Pharmaceutical Logistics Partner

  • Are you looking for a reliable source of safe, genuine medications?
  • Do you prefer to have your medicines or medical devices delivered to your door?
  • Are you looking for competitive prices for your prescribed pharmaceuticals?

In Africa, getting access to safe & authentic medications can be a huge challenge. Getting them affordably can be even harder. EcoPharmacy is the answer.


EcoPharmacy is an app which delivers genuine chronic medications & medical devices to your doorstep – wherever you are in Africa. We are the continent’s leading pharmaceutical logistics app – ensuring the highest standards of quality & convenience for our clients. 


In partnership with DHL – one of the world’s premiere courier services – we guarantee prompt, secure delivery of your prescribed medications & medical devices.


  • Guaranteed, Africa-wide delivery of quality, genuine medicines & medical devices 

We obtain our products directly from pharmaceutical suppliers, ensuring that all medications & devices are free from tampering & contamination.

Moreover, we source our products only from countries which are members of the PICS (Pharmaceuticals Inspection Convention Scheme) – a global body dedicated to monitoring the safety & authenticity of pharmaceutical drugs.

  • Excellent prices 

We negotiate bulk pricing with major pharmaceutical suppliers, allowing us to secure preferential rates for our products.

  • Ultimate Convenience

In DHL, we have partnered with one of the world’s leading logistics companies, which enjoys a global distribution network second to none. This allows EcoPharmacy the capacity to deliver parcels quickly, safely & affordably across Africa.

  • Excellent Security

Our delivery security standards are world-class. Together with DHL, we employ cutting edge technology & strict protocols that mitigate against fraud, theft & tampering.

EcoPharmacy is a world-class solution for your prescribed medicines & medical devices.Using cutting edge technology & global partnerships, we ensure not only excellence & quality – but the ultimate in convenience. 

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