Our Corporate Social Investment

MFM’s plans for Africa extend far beyond doing business. We’ve also become partners in Africa’s development. Through our corporate social investment programs (CSI), we’ve made African healthcare & education key priorities of our investment strategy.


MFM plans to launch several clinics across Africa aimed at providing underprivileged & teen mothers with full access healthcare at one set price – irrespective of the type of care that is required. This will include all medical treatment, medicines or procedures – prenatal, postnatal & during pregnancy – needed by the mother as well as her child.

Beneficiaries will be able to access the services until the child reaches the age of six.

MFM plans to construct a series of specialty clinics within different regions. These facilities will be staffed to treat ailments which are specific or prevalent within those regions – or which afflict MFM clients living within those areas.

The specialty clinics will leverage data gleaned from Artificial Intelligence (AI), which forms part of the technology infrastructure that supports our EcoSuite platform.

Through our “make Healthcare in Africa greater” initiative, MFM has partnered with a number of internationally renowned surgeons to assist African children born with defects. On an annual basis, these specialists have agreed to perform surgeries – free of charge to the patients – on children suffering from congenital disorders. MFM will carry the costs for the procedures, and will facilitate the pre-screening of child patients.

At MFM, we understand the stigma & devastation that a defect can have on the esteem & life prospects of an African child. We’re excited to launch this initiative.

To promote development of African healthcare infrastructure, MFM plans to build a number of advanced research laboratories throughout the continent. Semi-rural areas will be a particular focus, in line with our aim to benefit historically-underserved areas.

We envisage that the planned laboratories will spur the development of regional research hubs on the continent.


Our focus is mainly on two key areas to support development and advancement of our communities:

Across the continent, thousands of schools suffer severe neglect – particularly to their physical infrastructure. This is especially true in rural areas, where many buildings have become hazardous to students.

MFM is planning a series of projects aimed at renovating these buildings, as part of our efforts to strengthen Africa’s education infrastructure.

To develop the capacity of young professionals, MFM will expand its learnership initiatives throughout our companies. Talented final-year students will be given the opportunity to intern at our Head Office in South Africa, where we will place them in assignments linked to their areas of study. Emphasis will focus on giving the students practical, hands-on experience within their given fields – and preparing them for leadership. Already, several interns have already begun the program.

To apply for CSI support, please send us a brief proposal summary outlining your project. The summary should be no more than 800 words, and should contain the following information:

  • Contact details.
  • Project description.
  • Project location.
  • Project beneficiaries.
  • Proposed objective and outcomes.
  • Proposed budget

You can email us at:csi@mfmpty.com

You will receive a response once your proposal has been evaluated.