MFM was born in response to Africa’s ongoing healthcare crisis – a crisis reflected most dramatically in the relatively short life span of Africa’s people. On average, Africans live 14 years less than the average global citizen – and with a median life expectancy of 54 years – 22 years less than the average European. This dismal statistic speaks, in large part, to the dire state of Africa’s healthcare systems.

Communicable diseases such as HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis & malaria remain the largest threats to Africa’s public health – and the greatest challenges to its fragile healthcare systems.  Coupled with poverty, overpopulation & rampant corruption – these factors have overwhelmed Africa’s health infrastructure, causing a crisis of dire proportions.

Pascal Mukadi, an entrepreneur & philanthropist, has long witnessed these challenges – and the inability of most African countries to deliver adequate healthcare services. After nearly a decade of research & product development, he launched Medical Fund Management in 2009. 

Since then, MFM has continued to make bold strides in ameliorating African healthcare delivery, and bringing renewed hope to the lives of Africans in need of medical services.