In 2009 Medical Fund Management (Pty) Ltd embarked on a journey focused on delivering renowned products and services to the African continent from global markets, as well as creating a platform for Africans to showcases their local products to international buyers. EcoSuite Clients receive an exclusive A7 Pro Android 10, 6.3 inch phone and 10 inch tablet when signing up

The EcoSuite team , have spent over a decade traveling the world sourcing and vetting diverse products and building sustainable relationships with service providers. We have partnered with experts in various fields for “Global” reach including healthcare facilities, medical practitioners, travel and tourism agencies, fashion houses and fitness as well as household service providers. We have committed our time, focus and energy into building a hassle-free e-commerce platform catering for an array of people from various income brackets. EcoSuite is a comprehensive lifestyle solution for all Africans, inspired by Africans.

We have meticulously selected and continue to seek products and services that add value to everyday life. A seamless and comfortable medical journey, a gratifying retail experience, a festive celebration or an invigorating fitness regime are all professionally designed services offered by the EcoSuite Family. The success of any business is based on its ability to delight its clients with compassionate care and supportive services. We believe in ongoing technical innovation, formulating malleable and tailor-made service provision for our clients.

 We strive to continuously evolve and remain relevant in the rapid changing times we live in, transitioning our solutions from knowledge to physical and virtual realities. At EcoSuite we strive to build long-lasting relationships with our clients and become the one-stop lifestyle solution in all African households. We treasure the key factors that anchor EcoSuite and have positioned us as leaders in the market.

Our Clients are our core, transparency is a part of our DNA, product value, care value and vigorous innovation are benchmarks in our business. Our value proposition addresses the needs of the African continent by delivering SAFE and comprehensive care. Our offering is safe, ensures privacy, affordability and guarantees fast, effective service delivery.

  • Safe
  •  Affordable
  • Fast
  • Effective

EcoSuite clients stay connected at all times with an exclusive A7 Pro Android 10, 6.3-inch phone and 10-inch tablet when signing up. The devices have preloaded data and international sim cards. For convenience, the phone has dual-sim and Bluetooth functionality. For more technical information, visit

Benefits of the EcoSuite Device

The EcoSuite Device comes pre-loaded with a special sim card & technology features, enabling a host of benefits for your healthcare support & medical travel. Through the device, you receive:

24-Hour Access to World-Class Services