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Africa’s Leading  Health & Wellness App


EcoFitness is a dynamic app aimed at boosting your vitality – and helping you to live healthier, longer & more purposefully. Wherever you are in Africa, EcoFitness helps bring you closer to achieving your health & fitness goals.


EcoFitness provides you with 24-hour access to holistic health & wellness services – all aimed at keeping you strong both physically & mentally. 

Through the EcoFitness app, you can enjoy a range of digital services & products, including:

  • Fitness training
  • Nutritional advice & supplements
  • Zumba, yoga, meditation & other disciplines
  • Lifestyle diagnostics
  • and much more…

EcoFitness: Promoting Health & Wellness Across Africa

Throughout Africa, millions suffer ill health not only because of limited access to hospitals, clinics & medicines – but because of poor maintenance of their bodies. For far too many across Africa, the importance of exercise & nutrtion are not well-understood. This results in lifestyles that are detrimental to health – and to achieving Africa’s potential.

EcoFitness is a dynamic app aimed at redressing this challenge. By putting health & wellness solutions at your fingertips,  we aim to help build our continent – one body at a time. 

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