Welcome to Medical Fund Management.

Pascal Mukadi

Executive Chairman

Chairman's Letter

Welcome to Medical Fund Management (MFM). MFM manages the funds & logistics of African healthcare seekers who go abroad for medical treatment. Through strategic global partnerships & an African-centered investment strategy, we promote effective, quality healthcare across the continent, while maximizing returns for our investors.

At MFM, we’re passionate about African healthcare – and about empowering Africa to fulfill its potential. Through our medical fund management solutions, this is what we aim to achieve.

Poor medical infrastructure, poverty & corruption have fuelled a healthcare crisis across Africa. According to the World Health Organization, nearly half of all Africans lack access to modern health facilities. Adequate medical skills are scarce – as are the finances necessary for quality equipment & skilled medics. Often, unscrupulous officials sell counterfeit medicines & inflate the pricing of genuine drugs, wreaking havoc on proper healthcare. These realities pose serious challenges to Africa’s growth & development.

It has also fuelled an alarming rate of medical travel from the continent, a phenomenon that sees over 600, 000 Africans going abroad for healthcare treatment. This is a trend that, while often necessary in the short-term, must be reversed.


MFM’s Fund Management Ethos

At MFM, we leverage a multi-pronged strategy aimed at redressing Africa’s healthcare challenges. Our fund management & investment solutions reflect a multi-pronged approach. This includes:

Using funds gleaned from our medical fund management operations, MFM reinvests in the development of health & medical care on the African continent. Some of our planned investments include:

At MFM, we’re committed to Africa’s growth – and to creating the strong, ethical partnerships needed to build our continent. Partnerships based on integrity, sustainability & the progress of our people. These are the principles which guide us. We hope that you will join us in our journey.


Pascal Mukadi

Chairman, MFM