About Us

Who We Are

Medical Fund Management Pty. Ltd. (MFM) is a holding company which delivers a range of healthcare, wellness & holistic living services across the continent. As part of our core service offering, MFM manages healthcare funds for individuals, organizations & governments – ensuring access to high-quality, cost-effective healthcare services. Through our global partnerships, we deliver world-class medical & wellness solutions to Africa. 

A leading medical services company based in Johannesburg South Africa, MFM comprises several products housed under our EcoSuite Africa stable, including EcoMedical; EcoPharmacy; EcoFitness; EcoHousehold & EcoStore. Through these products, we provide a versatile range of offerings including medical services; pharmaceuticals; wellness services, household appliances & retail products respectively. 

Conceived in response to Africa’s ongoing healthcare crisis, MFM was launched in2009 by Pascal Mukadi – and entrepreneur & philanthropist. As MFM’s Executive Chairman, he is passionate about delivering quality healthcare across the continent – and about moving Africa towards its potential. At MFM, this is the vision that drives us.


No matter the asset class or type of fund, Medical Fund Management will always strive to meet or exceed traditional healthcare industry benchmarks, but through human-centric investing, we intend to also raise the bar on performance, and make it mean more than numbers alone.

We believe in multi-specialist investment to achieve extraordinary results in the health sector, because at Medical Fund Management…Our benchmark is managing the risk on healthcare funds and investments.


  • Medical Fund Management intend to invest into the healthcare industry across Africa, by scouting and supporting innovations that will help ensure humanity live healthier, longer and more productive through creating opportunities for medical funding to introducing and possibly developing medical devices, diagnostics and giving sound healthcare services.
  • Create an awareness program and a knowledge base and catalyse discussion of issues related to the development of healthcare services, the healthcare business sustainability and social development in Africa.
  • We know busy families need prompt, convenient and affordable health care services, which motivated us to enable access to our dynamic product, “EcoMedical” everywhere in Africa. This long-standing experience by families in Africa is the reason for developing an investment of such, which cut across all types of publicly-traded healthcare centres, from medical funding to medical facilities and healthcare services.
  • Our private equity strategy is broad and flexible, investing from start-ups through growth equity. Medical Fund Management is typically a lead investor, seeking to help Build bridges between local and foreign Doctors and Hospitals to ensure knowledge transfer, program scalability and growth in the medical and healthcare Institutions. Our geographic focus is solely in the continent of Africa.
  • We operate with several service providers, hospitals and healthcare facilities, doctors, specialist and medical practitioners, healthcare clinics and other affiliated business to the medical sector. Throughout the African continent and rest of the world we intend to better serve you.
  • We believe change for a more efficient and productive healthcare service in Africa should start with the private sector, and we’re here to help our clients move towards that future through consulting, research, and training as we work towards developing tangible interests, engagement and action on issues of sustainability through developing organizational capacity with the aim to help create stable and profitable enterprises in the healthcare sector.